Episode 3 Show Notes:

Welcome to the Episode 3 of the Knit Actually Podcast! I hope you enjoyed the episode

·         Actually Working

o    I  talk about projects I am  currently working on including

§  Vanilla Socks from Hand Dyed Yarn

§  Vanilla Socks from Western Sky Knits in Aspen Base

§  Gradient Cowl in hand dyed Cascade 220

§  Garter Squish Blanket by Steven West in KnitPicks Preciosa in Captain, Maritime, Crest and Stormy

·         Actually Hand Dyed

o    I talk about two skeins self striping fingering weight yarn I dyed this week. The first is purples and blues, and will eventually be socks for her my youngest. The second is purple, blue, orange and pink, and is still drying! So photos / Ravelry links will follow soon.

·          Actually Learning

o    I talk about the “War and Peace” socks class I took at  Interweave Yarn Fest with Kate Atherley. I talk about the Training Sock pattern we used to make teeny tiny socks during the class

·         Actually Attending 

o    I talk about my  plans to attend the Estes Wool Market in Estes Park, Colorado next week!

    • Actually Designing
      • I  talk about the swatches I’m working on for my  Winter 2015 submission to Twist Collective

·         Actually Distracted

o    I talk about the fun I had with my boys this week, including our trip to Broomfield Bay.

o    I talk about using Squarespace to put together the website for the shownotes

  • Thank you for listening!!!!