Actually Finished

I talk about several things I finished this week including

An Earbud Case knit with my Bijou Basin Ranch Knit Knosh Samples

A Main Street Coffee cozy by Tin Can Knits , knit with my Knerd String Knit Knosh Samples

A Lowlands hat by Tin Can Knits, knit with Spud and Chloe Sweater

A three color cashmere cowl, by Joji Locatelli

Actually Working

The Broncos are in the Super Bowl! Which means I'm still working on my son's Scoreboard Scarf, and I'm under a lot of pressure to catch up before the big game!

I'm still working on my son's Force Awakens hat

I'm still working on several pairs of hand dyed, self striping socks

I'm working on a pair of boot toppers

Actually Hand Dyed

I talk about two video podcasts with great hand dyeing tutorials


The Dyer's Noteboook

AndreSue Knits

Actually Designing

I talk about my Silverthorne hat, which is available for free until March 1 with coupon code KNITMORE. I talk about #25000tuques and #newhatnewhome and the

Knit A Longs

I talk about the Knit Knosh Along and review the rules

Here’s how it will work:

The KAL will run from January 26, 2016 to April 1, 2016.

During that period, you can earn points for the KAL in the following way:

  1. Cast on new project with yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch, MJ Yarns, Knerd or Skeindalous (10 points).

  2. Knit something with the samples from the event! There are some great ideas on Instagram if you look at #knitknosh on Instagram (5 points)

  3. FINISH a project knit with yarn from one of the sponsor companies (25 points) sorry, the samples don’t count for this category!

  4. Use a Modular Modular project bag to with a newly cast on project (10 points)

  5. Knit with one of the patterns that was gifted at the event, the Apishapa Hat or the Bijou Creek Cowl or the Popin Stars Cowl (designed to use MJ Yarns or Skeindalous Yarn!) (5 points)

  6. Post photos of your project on Instagram and tag it #knitknosh (1 point per photo)

  7. Post photos of ANY project in your project bag from Knitknosh, tag it #knitknosh (1 point per photo)

So here are some an examples… if I cast on a Bijou Creek Cowl (5 points) with some MJ Yarn (10 points), and use my Modular Modular bag (10 points), finish it by April 1 (25 points) and post 3 photos of it, tagged #knitknosh, that would be 53 points!

If I cast on a project using my Knit Knosh samples (5 points), and posted 4 pictures of it on Instagram, tagged #knitnosh, that would be 9 points!

I’ll open a KAL Finish Line thread where you can post your progress and keep track of your points !

I’ll post photos of the prizes this week! I have
One Skein of Bijou Basin Ranch Lhasa Wilderness Sport in Teal
One Skein of MJ Yarns Silken DK in Phoenix
One Skein of Knerd String Merino DK in Sunrise
One Skein of Skeindalous Anna in Come Along Pond
A small project bag from Modular Modular

I hope this will be a lot of fun!!

I also talk about the Color Wheel Knits Knit A Long 


This week I review Spilly Jane Knits Mittens by Jane Dupuis, published by Cooperative Press

In the review, I talk about Knit Picks Palette