Actually Finished

I finished some ornaments based on Jenn Sheelen's pattern Victorian Yuletide, and I did the final finishing of my Fine Jacket

Actually Working

I worked on True Friend by Veera Valimaaki

I talk about the Riley Rose Shawl by Jennifer Lassonde

I worked on the Garter Squish blanket by Stephen West

I talk about lots of mostly but not quite finished socks!


Actually Stashed

I mention the Circular Stitch Holder and Colorwork Guide I bought at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder. I mention HiyaHiya puppy snips

I talk about the Knit PIcks Annual Sale

I talk about the Eat Sleep Knit and Loopy Ewe Black Friday sales

I talk about Longmont Yarn Shoppe, and the Biscotte and Cie and Luxadorna yarn I bought there

Actually Hand Dyed

I dyed up a bunch of mini skeins (purchased from Wool2Dye4)


I announced the winners of the Amplitude Shawl, as well as the winners of the Knit Knosh Along! Congratulations everyone and thank you for participating!